• I’m a fitness instructor of 30 yrs experience in exercise to music, ante post natal exercise with more numerous accredited qualifications through the Ymca Central and Professional Fitness and Education.
Teaching Exercise to music, Step and modern spine-safe mat-work Pilates also completing additional accredited courses for Pilates in specific disciplines and enjoying continually increasing my knowledge
‘ Always learning ’
  • Thursday 7.15-8.15pm
£4.50 per session
Please ring and book a step
  • Friday 9.30-10.30am
£30 for 6 week term or £7 on the day
Please ring and book a place.
  • STEP
Step aerobics is a classic which has been around for decades and is still going strong due to its fun effective cardio workout !
Stepping and dancing up down and around the step in different directions making simple patterns to funky music, boosting your heart rate and breathing burning calories without stressing your joints.
Finishing the class with a variety each week ranging from core, Barre Pilates, Boxercise, stretching , bandwork or body conditioning.
‘All you need is a bottle of water a bit of energy and a big smile ‘
Please ring and book a step and step availability. 07977633083
Teaching modern spinesafe matwork Pilates. Based on slow controlled exercises to work the deep core stabilising muscles throughout the body, working all the time on improving technique.
Lengthening and strengthening muscles not only to increase strength but also mobility especially the spine.
Improving posture alignment, body awareness, flexibility, strength, balance and ease of movement.
Decreasing those daily ageing aches and pain.
‘ keep moving, make Pilates your friend ‘